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Thermal Vacuum Chambers

We are specialists in providing advanced vacuum test chambers. Our solutions range from small table top solutions to large complete installations.

We offer a range of products, including some “off the shelf” solutions (TVC225 and TVC025). All of these chambers can be equipped to meet your exact requirements, with the capability of cycling temperatures between -180°C to 200°C (higher temperatures available if required) at pressures below 1E-6 torr.

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Horizontal load chambers

Horizontally loaded thermal vacuum test chambers allows for horizontal loading of the DUT (device under test). Our solutions are to a large extent custom designed, as dimensions of the DUT many times drive the size of the chambers. Inner diameters typically range from 500mm in diameter up to several meters depending on the enduser test requirements.


We can deliver with hinged doors in both the front and rear of the chamber, alternatively having only one end with a door. The door can be left or right hinged, or mounted on a sliding mechanism. By default the thermal test plate is installed on a sliding rail mechanism to simplify loading/unloading and setup of the test campaign.

Thermal Vacuum chamber
Horizontal load chambers
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