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Control upgrades

Our industrial PC backbone for GUI/recipe management


Our control system upgrades are means to bring back life into older systems installed in your lab. In most cases, for most vacuum systems, the process chambers, vacuum pumps, gauges, massflow controllers, are not the reason why a tool sees less usage. It is usually because the control system either has become discontinued, and it may be difficult to source parts. With our upgrades, we replace the old electronics/controls architecture with state-of-the-art PLC based solutions, utilizing fieldbus technology and the latest in regard with controls architecture. We listen to your needs and build a graphical user interface that meets your requirements, also allowing you to implement complex recipe sequencing and batch management.

Most of our upgrades are executed in the field, which reduces down-time, and costly de-installations and re-installation costs. Our team of engineers will instead come to your site, and execute the upgrade on site.

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Thermal vacuum chamber
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