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We support the Childhood Cancer Foundation Henrik Superman. We make an active choice and support a foundation that through its work and commitment makes life more bearable for many people. Low or no overheads, a lot of heart and a strong local connection with many people involved, we think is a winning formula; unlike large colossi with gigantic staffing and marketing costs.

Through our support for the Henrik Superman Foundation, we choose to support and help in other things than just what is going on in our ongoing activities or is connected to our working day. We think that is good.

The Henrik Superman Foundation's task is to facilitate and alleviate the families who encountered the extremely tough situation when their children were diagnosed with cancer. Support for child cancer research is also within the framework of the foundation's activities. A large number of companies and individuals have already chosen to support the foundation and in a short time they have built up a substantial capital that grows year by year and which wisely placed provides a good annual return which in turn is used to help and support families affected by childhood cancer. We believe that private initiatives like this are good ways to make the world, the day - and certainly tomorrow - more bearable and humane for all of us who are part of it and live in it.

We also believe that by helping others, we lay our own stones on the path that leads to compassion, understanding and consideration.

"A healthy child has a thousand desires, a sick child only one."


Background on the foundation

Henrik Ekelund was only 7 years old when he died of cancer. In 2008, the Henrik "Superman" Ekelund Foundation was founded by some friends of his family. They had experienced up close how life changes when the disease takes over. Since then, all work has been done non-profit, on a small scale, by close, dear and loving fellow human beings. Therefore, there are no salaries or fixed costs. Funds raised go in full to needy families. Henrik is no longer with us. But in memory of Henrik, we continue to help other boys, girls and their families who appreciate a glimmer of light in the dark.

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