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The new Galaxy TVC1500-1600H thermal vacuum test chamber

We have recently released a newly designed larger thermal vacuum test chamber, allowing the test of objects up to 800x800x1000mm with a weight up to 400kg. The chamber can be equipped with either a swing door open mechanism or a sliding rail door mechanism.

By default it is equipped with a 10" cryogenic pump, with a pumping speed in excess of 9000 l/s for H2O, 300 l/s for air, >5000 l/s for H2. It can be equipped with the larger 16" cryogenic pump, which further increases pumping performance.

The system is delivered with our easy-to-use SpaceSoft software suite, which encompasses ANSI ISA 88 compliant batch handling, and traceability of data from simulations.

Galaxy Thermal Vacuum Chamber TVC1500-1600H

The chamber can operate with either the Nanovac TCU (Thermal Control Units) using liquid nitrogen to achieve low negative temperatures, or use a set of recirulating chillers allowing operation from -80C to +150C.

We can accomodate most thermal range requirements.

The chamber can be equipped with a thermal shroud, as well as other relevant analytical instruments, such as an RGA, TQCM for outgassing measurements.

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