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Nanovac AB is Blasting Off to Espoo for the Winter Satellite Workshop 2024 (January 17-19)!

We’re thrilled to announce that Nanovac AB, your trusted partner in thermal vacuum solutions, will be exhibiting at the highly esteemed Winter Satellite Workshop 2024 in Espoo, Finland, from January 17-19! 🌌

💫 About the Event: The Winter Satellite Workshop, the crowning jewel of New Space gatherings in Finland, Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries, is a successor to the Finnish Satellite Workshop. It’s a spectacular rendezvous of eminent scientists, space tech specialists, and aspiring students exploring current topics and innovations in space science, small satellite missions, and Earth Observation.

🛰 Nanovac AB at the Workshop: As a leading manufacturer of thermal vacuum chambers for space simulation and a premier service provider of thermal vacuum testing capabilities, we’re on a mission to share our expertise, insights, and groundbreaking solutions with fellow space enthusiasts and visionaries! Dive deep into discussions about space simulation, witness our latest innovations, and explore the transformative power of space technology with us!

📍 Connect with Us at the Expo! Discover our cutting-edge thermal vacuum chambers and learn how our services are propelling the space industry to new heights. Our passionate team is eager to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and explore collaborative possibilities.

📆 Save the Date! 🌟 January 17-19, 2024 🌟 🌍 Espoo, Finland 🌍

💡 Embark on a Journey with Nanovac AB to the Frontier of Space Technology! 💡 Let’s cultivate curiosity, advance knowledge, and shape the future of space exploration together! Witness the synergy of ideas and technology and unravel the myriad possibilities it brings forth.

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