5 years as a leading advanced vacuum system supplier

Updated: Aug 9

Nanovac AB was established in 2017 with a clear focus on the development, design and manufacturing of advanced vacuum system solutions. But, we are not a 5 year old company. We are just a new endeavour, but with 30+ years of vacuum/automation experience. We are a unique company in that we can not only provide the complete package, from development, design and manufacturing of very complex vacuum system solutions, but we can also provide custom design components, and a growing range of OEM products. And we commonly reverse engineer consumables for various types of vacuum systems, reducing our enduser costs and increasing their uptime. We have all our development resources in-house, ensuring the fastest and most robust solutions for your vacuum system needs, including automation and full commissioning on site at your facility.

We look forward on continuing to serve the vacuum industry with technology, solutions and innovations. Upward and onward!

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