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300mm ALE development

Thrilled to share that our partner, AlixLabs, has just announced the EU-wide trademark registration of APS (Atomic Layer Etching Pitch Splitting) by the European Intellectual Property Office. This marks a significant milestone for AlixLabs, a pioneer in the semiconductor sector, and signifies a giant leap forward in the journey towards revolutionizing semiconductor manufacturing.

At Nanovac AB, we are proud to be closely associated with this groundbreaking advancement. Our collaboration in developing the new equipment for the APS process on 300-millimeter wafers stands as a testament to the synergy between our companies. Together, we are poised to enable the semiconductor industry to produce next-generation chips that are not only cost-efficient but also more environmentally friendly.

The recognition of APS as a unique trademark underscores the innovative spirit and technical expertise of our teams. This is more than just a certification; it’s a beacon of future possibilities in chip manufacturing, aiming for precision at the Ångström scale.

As we gear up to install the Nanovac-developed equipment this summer, we look forward to contributing further to the semiconductor industry’s transformation. The future is here, and together with AlixLabs we are ready to make it more sustainable, efficient, and advanced.

Dmitry Suyatin (Alixlabs AB) and Thomas Engstedt (Nanovac AB)

Jonas Sundqvist (Alixlabs AB)

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