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Welcome to Nanovac AB

Providing more than 30 years experience in supplying advanced solutions for vacuum technology projects.

About us

Welcome to Nanovac AB. Providing more than 30 years of experience in supplying advanced solutions for vacuum technology projects, including our own range of thermal vacuum chambers, as well as automation solutions for all types of vacuum equipment. We are ready to help you solve your vacuum automation needs.

Our name reflects on our mission. Nanotechnology. Vacuum Technology.



Founded on a vision of solving advanced vacuum technology requirements, Nanovac AB provides a unique combination of knowledge, ranging from the mechanics and physics of vacuum technology to the automation requirements of demanding vacuum applications. If you can think it, we can build it.

About us
Vacuum automation


Nanovac AB, supplies turn-key vacuum systems used to simulate the harsh environment in space. We have a range of standard thermal vacuum products (Galaxy series), and we also provide custom built solutions. We also manufacture and design custom PVD (physical vapor deposition) systems for demanding thinfilm R&D applications. We are also manufacturing reverse engineered consumable parts for plasma etch and deposition systems.

As our business is really dependant on vacuum, we provide a range of vacuum pumps, suitable for laboratory/industrial use.



Nanovac AB has extensive experience in executing on-site and off-site software/hardware upgrades of control systems and control logic for a large variety of vacuum systems, including plasma etch/deposition equipment.


We perform on-site cable loom replacements and control/electrical cabinet replacements including software and GUI upgrades and customizations.


Testing services

We are not only a world leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal vacuum chambers, but we also offer our customers and partners access to our in-house testing chambers. We offer advanced thermal cycling with ANSI ISA 88 traceability, as well as in-situ RGA analysis and TQCM if required. 

Testin servies

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